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Shreveport Common

Beaded Blanket Trail

On January 20, 2018, the Beaded Blanket Trail opened to viewing by the public. Twenty hand beaded blankets created by Shreveport artists and community members during the 2015 residency of internationally known artist Nick Cave are showcased in embellished frames created by Shreveport area artists. I created two of the frames by welding steel rods into shapes inspired by the blankets.  I wanted the designs to visually interact with and honor the designs of the blankets.



Uplifting I, II and III were installed in Shreveport Common in 2014-2015 as temporary public art. Shreveport Common is in an area being revitalized. The concept behind the Uplifting series was to take the broken concrete directly from the slabs on vacant lots in the area and literally lift them up into a sculpture. These sculptures could be turned in all different directions by passers-by. I wanted the public to see  the potential for  blight to be transformed into beauty.  The sculptures provided both visual enjoyment and inspiration for further development.  


See Robert Trudeau's article about this project here.

Central Art Station


Flow I and II were installed permanently at Central ArtStation, the headquarters of the Shreveport Regional Arts Council, known as SRAC. SRAC lost its previous offices to a fire and was offered the recently vacated Central Fire Station for its new offices. Thus, the theme of the building is related to fire and water.  

fire hose nozzel sculpture sconce
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